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The Forced Lover: Mahima Singh

Hello!  My name is Mahima Singh and I'm Indian. I'm currently studying computer science and I'll be in my sophomore year of college this year.  Besides that I love reading books and writing poems. Writing has kind of always been my thing since I only had a few friends in school and it allowed me write things that I can't really verbalize to anyone most of the time. 

I wrote the poem (The Forced Lover) about child marriage. These are the the kind of subjects that people don't really want to talk about even though they don't support it, simply because it makes them uncomfortable or it's just not their problem. I wrote this poem because I know I'm not a victim of child marriage so maybe I'll never really understand what they go through or their experience. But I hope someone out there can relate to this poem. 

About the poem- when I was writing the poem, my idea of it was to convey it from the bride's point of view. How she's literally a child but she has to leave behind her family, home and dreams to get married to a complete stranger (Who I referred as the forced lover) just to make her family and relatives proud. Everyone is happy while she's walking down the aisle but her. 

The Forced Lover

In  the  dim  moonlight  with  fireworks  in  the  dazzling  background Everyone’s  face  rises  with  bright  smiles, As  they  see  me  approach  my  destiny. They  had  been  waiting  for  this  day For  almost  14  years  now! For  me  to  just  take  seven  steps  more. Under  these  red  sheets, My  head  to  neck  is  covered  properly The  complications  are  hidden  completely And  so  are  my  tears! As  I  walk  down  this  aisle, I  see  him  smile  for  me  to  reciprocate  it But  I  do  it  with  the  happiness  that  is  only  a  delusion  made  for  them. For  them  to  be  happy, For  them  to  be  satisfied .. and For  them  to  stand  with  dignity! Nothing  is  for  me,  nothing  was  for  me  in  the  past  and  nothing  will  ever  be  for  me! Besides  the  praises, The  ones  that  I’m  receiving  in  this  moment. I  will  keep  them  forever! Hopefully  they  will  compensate  my  dreams,  tarnished  at  the  hands  of  my  forced  lover!


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